TuxedoCat Lounge BBS

My vintage MS-DOS BBS with a bit of a modern connectivity twist. This system runs Wildcat! BBS 4.20 Multi-line 10, released in 1995

  • Dial-up: 341-221-4808, US Robotics V.34/V.Everything (up to 33.6k)
  • Dial-up: 844-227-4979, toll free
  • Telnet bbs.tuxedocatbbs.com port 2323, IPv4 and IPv6 - Strongly recommended using something with full ANSI support such as Qodem, MuffinTerm, SyncTERM

    Recommended telnet clients

  • MuffinTerm: MacOS, iOS, iPad
  • SyncTERM: MacOS, Windows
  • Qodem, a re-implementation of Qmodem: Windows, Linux, Mac