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Monthly Archive for June, 2006

Return from IAD

At some point this afternoon I woke up, thinking I was still in the hotel. I didn’t recognize where I was (my own bedroom), and it really scared me for a minute. Tonight I took a drive along 360 and went to Trudy’s. Oh. My. God. Hot salsa and queso has never tasted so good. […]

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Long trip in numbers

4:30 AM EDT: What time I woke up to go to IAD. 12:00 PM CDT: Landed in Austin. 37 C (98.6 F): The temperature in Austin when I got off the plane. 23 days, 6 hours: How long I was parked at the airport. I’m beat. As soon as I got in the plane at […]

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Still in Virginia

Aaaaaaaaaaaaagh, still in Virginia! My trip was originally extended from Monday to Thursday. I was up all night Wednesday night tearing down our old cage and doing some work so there’d be no reason to extend my trip again. Maintenance work went sideways this morning, so here I am leaving Friday. All I can do […]

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