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ah, cat ownership

Tidy Cat “multi-cat long lasting” (orange) litter + Felix = endless digging and flinging of litter all over the bedroom, despite even weekly changing of litter and soapy wash of litter pan and daily scooping Tidy Cat “multi-cat instant action” (cyan) litter + Felix = instant, overnight stop to flinging; vacuum cleaner rejoices, litter lasts for weeks […]

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The past 24 hours have been surreal. I unexpectedly had to put Patch to sleep this morning. Over the past month or two Patch had slowly been losing weight and being more reserved. I always attributed this to Felix bullying her, since he was getting big enough to push her out of the way at […]

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My cat is awesome

Back in April, I adopted Patch from the Seattle Humane Society.  She was about 8 months old and solid black.  She immediately took to Victoria’s shoulder so that was the sign I had to get her.  She’s such a lovable and well behaved cat, always wants attention and be in the vicinity of humans, but […]

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