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My cat is awesome

Keeping me company while I install ESX servers

Back in April, I adopted Patch from the Seattle Humane Society.  She was about 8 months old and solid black.  She immediately took to Victoria’s shoulder so that was the sign I had to get her.  She’s such a lovable and well behaved cat, always wants attention and be in the vicinity of humans, but never in the way.

Notable characteristics:

  • When I get home from work, she doesn’t want to be petted nor picked up. She wants me to lay in the floor so she can greet me with headbutts.
  • She doesn’t jump on things. I usually have to coax her to hop on the couch or the bed. For the most part she won’t jump much for a toy either.
  • She loves the stick+feather toy, I think it’s her favorite thing in the world. I even got her a laser pointer, ropes, balls, mice, but she always wants to play with the feather day after day.
  • Around the time my alarm goes off, she’ll be laying on the edge of my bed between my shoulder and the alarm clock.
  • She loves being chased around playing hide-n-seek around the apartment at night.

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