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Burning Man Aftermath

Aftermath BM affected me a bit on the personal level this year. We always giggled at the “welcome home” mantra, because “home has running water.” This being the 4th time, BRC did feel like home. I really wanted to be there. I was glad to be there. It felt great to get out and mingle […]

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Burning Man 2009

I put off writing about my Burning Man trip because I’ve been in the middle of moving. I loaded up early Friday morning and after a couple of last last minute errands, I was on the road by 9:30. I made excellent time all the way to New Mexico where I had my first adventure […]

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BM buildng and improvising

I had an interesting encounter with another resident tonight. I was outside crimping a terminal by hitting it with a hammer on the curb, and there was a couple of guys talking by the pool one on a motorcycle. I’m tapping away, he calls out “hey! who’s making that noise, motherfucker!” He starts up his […]

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All of a sudden it dawned on my last night that I leave for Burning Man next Friday. For whatever reason I thought I had another week. I blame my calendar for pointing at the day the man burns, and not when I leave. So, today I ran a bunch of errands picking up some […]

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