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Monthly Archive for August, 2010

Ah, Apple blue-shirts

God bless the blue-shirts at Apple stores for helping non-tech savvy users find what they want, but they try too hard when you already know what you want.  I had heard stories of this, but hadn’t experienced it yet.  I walked into the Apple store today to buy a Mini. That’s it.  After waiting around […]

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Roadtrip: West Texas re-visit

All photos over on Flickr. Saturday, Aug 21: It wasn’t until I was laying on the toolbox of my truck gazing at the stars from the side of the road that I realized I found a solitude I hadn’t been looking for. Up until now I was tired from driving all day, a bit gloomy […]

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I’ve been at 155 for a week now, so I’ve officially lost 20 pounds. huh. I was totally not expecting to get down to that weight at all. Now I wish I hadn’t taken my old skinnier clothes to Goodwill a few months ago, as I’ve ran out of belt notches. I guess I should […]

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Weekend roadtrip: New Orleans

This weekend lead me on a last minute trip to Houston, and ultimately to New Orleans. The drive surprisingly wasn’t bad, roughly 500 miles and takes about an hour longer than it does to get to my parent’s. I-10 going east is certainly much nicer scenery than it is going west, more green and actual […]

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