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Monthly Archive for March, 2010

More scene and scenery

At a last minute urging I went to the Austin “get-Google-to-lay-FTTH” Big Gig party last night. I got to catch up with some of my colleagues from my last job, and met several new people, including (surprisingly) a group of attractive, chatty young ladies who were there as part of the co-“tweetup”. A good time […]

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Clouds and scene

Since we’re being dragged kicking and screaming into the great scam that is “cloud computing”, I decided to go try it out sight unseen. I’ve wanted a VPS in Singapore with IPv6 for a while, and somebody pointed out that Voxel has a dual-stack cloud offering in Singapore.  I punched in my info, hit order, […]

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177,594 mile brake pads

I’ve been rather astounded by the life of my brake pads on the truck.  After thinking about it I realized I’ve been running on factory brake pads all these years. A few times I thought about replacing them myself but never got around to it. My friends claim it is not possible, that I surely […]

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