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Monthly Archive for June, 2009

Reading: better late than never

It took right at nine months, but I finally finished reading The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life. Why, that averages out to 100 pages a month!

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Engine coolant drama

The truck has been in the shop all week and I’ve realized it’s a great way to save money and diet. All of a sudden, shopping and cheeseburgers are not convienient. Lots of bike riding in the meantime. This morning I feasted at Taco Shack and loaded my backpack full of groceries from Randalls. This […]

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I learned two things this week. The first being the reason why my 2611 broke at home after a day. I had an ACL on my egress interface that blocked DHCP traffic so my router could never renew its lease. The other was how to get back to my apartment from 360 on a bicycle. […]

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