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Monthly Archive for August, 2011

Scumbag PNW weather

This weekend it was 86-88 F outside (and inside), perfectly clear and sunny. Absolutely beautiful day, I felt fantastic! Seriously, I haven’t felt that happy and blissful in a while. Clear, warm night too, could see the stars from my balcony. Today, it instantly turned .. October. Low hanging grey clouds, and everything is wet. […]

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It’s awesome to sit on my balcony and be able to easily see the Big Dipper.

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TIL about Tourette’s

While reading the chapter Witty Ticcy Ray about Tourette’s in Oliver Sacks’ book The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat, I discovered an amazing list of things I didn’t know: Tourette was a student of Jean-Martin Charcot, the founder of modern neurology Freud was also a student of Charcot Freud named one of […]

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California again

On vacation this week in the Bay Area! Weather is FANTASTIC. I had to travel 320 miles south on the 5 before I reached clear skies on Monday. I realized on the way down that I had forgotten what Northern California looked like during the day. The last two times I came down (this year), […]

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