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I am a 2830-something year old male computer engineer that lives in Austin, Texas Redmond, Washington Fremont, California. I most recently worked in the tech industry for a promising local social network, now on a nice break from tech working for a promising local robotics AI startup. I have been working with computers since I was four years old banging out BASIC on a TRS-80, went on to dial-up BBSes, then discovered UNIX and the Internet in the 90s. I ran an ISP for eight years and have kept doing systems and network engineering in large environments ever since. My passion is for solving problems. Finding out how things work, what makes them tick.

If it works, it’s obsolete. Fix more, whine less.

My dichotomy is being predictable and routine, yet spontaneous (“So last night I just decided to drive to Wisconsin for New Years…”). I hate sitting still. I hate external influences that waste my time. I ignore store receipt checkers.


  • Large scale Linux systems
  • Wilderness medicine (certified NOLS Wilderness First Responder)
  • San Jose Sharks hockey
  • Firearms, marksmanship
  • Rocketry, rocket engineering, spaceflight, rocket/missile launch photography
  • Learning to fly
  • Photography, astrophotography
  • Travel
  • 1000+ mile road trips
  • Reading (biographies, adventure, industry)
  • Wireless networks, public wi-fi
  • Amateur radio
  • Burning Man
  • Caffeine – coffee and tea
  • Writing perl, ruby, and python
  • Chef
  • IPv6 (ask me how much I hate NATs)
  • Fire poi
  • Cats
  • Snow
  • Deserts, Death Valley, Mojave
  • Hiking
  • 60’s rock music, shoe-gazing, metal, 90s rock, EDM, trance, psychedelic rock
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Oil and gas exploration & production
  • Wind, solar, photovoltaic energy
  • Inane internet jokes and memes
  • Making the Internet bigger
  • Number theory (I can try!)
  • Combinatorics
  • Cheeseburgers, BBQ, beer, and margaritas
  • Information privacy
  • Individual rights
  • Being alone
  • Being in crowds


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