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Monthly Archive for October, 2017

Titan Missile Museum

I forget how I came across it, probably Reddit, but I watched the movie Command and Control. It was a documentary focused on an accident in 1980 where a Titan II missile exploded in the silo outside of Damascus, Arkansas (wiki article). I was surprised I’ve never heard of the incident before because I grew […]

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[flickr: trinity site] [flickr: white sands missile museum park] [flickr: new mexico museum of space history] [flickr: titan missile museum] The very first detonation of a nuclear device happened in New Mexico and was called “Trinity”. Two times a year people can go out onto the White Sands Missile Range to visit the Trinity site. […]

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Death Valley: Wildrose Peak hike

[flickr: Death Valley – Wildrose] I’ve wanted to hike up to Telescope Peak for a while but so far haven’t felt like I’ve been in good enough shape. A few days ago I saw a photo on the Death Valley NP Facebook page showing ladybugs at the summit of Wildrose. I looked it up and […]

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