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Monthly Archive for March, 2007

Water, water everywhere

Yesterday afternoon, a colleague was in my cube talking to me when out of nowhere water started pouring out of the ceiling onto my desk. I put a trash can underneath it, but apparently overnight the cleaning crew removed the trash can. The resuming waterfall destroyed all the papers on my desk. At some point […]

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In Oklahoma, visiting the parents. Or, disecting their IP TV serice. I’ve spent the better part of tonight figuring out if the television-over-IP service they get will do HDTV, or at the very least playing with it to see what it can do. It’s provided by the local telco, who I’ve been at odds with […]

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I am in the market for a Mac Mini now to replace my Xbox + Pentium II box in closet solution for media storage. Before Christmas, they were somewhat plentiful on craigslist at good prices, now they’ve dried up or people are throwing more memory in them and they’re going for more than retail. The […]

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[bryan@staff1 bryan]$ date Sun Mar 11 01:59:59 CST 2007 [bryan@staff1 bryan]$ date Sun Mar 11 03:00:00 CDT 2007 Electricity is still on, TV still works, water is still on. Our patched Linux and Solaris systems rolled just fine. My Fedora Core 2 systems in the lab have the 2005 tzdata package installed, but they never […]

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Yacht racing

Here comes the BOOM! this is yacht racing. All of a sudden I have an urge to be a racer. Nathan tells me I can get this sort of action in the Gulf of Mexico.

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Rental car woes

Bloody hell, I’m being nicked by Alamo for some scratches to my rental car in Amsterdam. I’m screwed on this one, I’m pretty certain the company won’t reimburse me for it. Bank of America says I can try to make a claim to Visa as part of the collision insurance on my credit card, but […]

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