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Monthly Archive for August, 2023

486 of Theseus

[photos: flickr – 486 of Theseus] I originally bought this 486DX2-66 system on eBay because I needed a legacy system with a floppy disk controller to run a Colorado tape drive, which it coincidentally had one, and Windows 95. The motherboard has VESA local bus slots on it too, something I wanted if I wound […]

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PSA: no IPv6 on Cisco SPA122

If you’re like me and care about IPv6 and want an analog telephone adapter for your BBS, you want a Cisco ATA 191/192 instead of a Cisco SPA 121/122. I forget why I bought the SPA 122 after I bought an ATA 191 and needed more ports, I guess to compare them or the 122 […]

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