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Monthly Archive for October, 2009

Imaginary work

This morning between 4 AM and 6 AM I dreamed I was on a conference call with one of our more, ahem, detailed and involved, clients. I’m pretty sure it was a full two hours worth of troubleshooting because I woke up mentally exhausted. When’s vacation?

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New apartment

I’m finally all moved into my new apartment in Riata. It’s taking forever to get the last of the stuff put away. I like this place a lot more than I did the other one. Oddly enough it doesn’t “feel” new. I guess I’m into my daily routine so much that the “where” is inconsequential. […]

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Burning Man Aftermath

Aftermath BM affected me a bit on the personal level this year. We always giggled at the “welcome home” mantra, because “home has running water.” This being the 4th time, BRC did feel like home. I really wanted to be there. I was glad to be there. It felt great to get out and mingle […]

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