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Monthly Archive for September, 2023

Running Qodem on MacOS + iTerm2

If you’re running Qodem on MacOS with iTerm2, you may notice extended ASCII/code page 437 characters don’t render as lines, but just a bunch of letters like PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP. Try unsetting the environment variable TERMINFO_DIRS (unset TERMINFO_DIRS) before starting Qodem. This seems to have fixed it for me. I figured this out by noticing when I […]

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Seagate ST-225 repair mission: failed

[photos: flickr – Seagate ST-225 repair] A follow-up to https://binaryfury.wann.net/2023/07/2023-drive-belt-saga/ I wound up buying another “parts only” Seagate ST-225 hard drive off of eBay to attempt to fix my ST-225. This is a 20 MB MFM drive out of the old family 286 computer. Long story short I’m pretty sure my repair worked but ultimately […]

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