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Monthly Archive for September, 2011

LIFE magazine

Sunday I was wandering around Pike Place Market and wound up in the paper store. I was flipping through their racks of LIFE magazine and was fascinated by the headlines/covers of the issues from the 60s. There were several issues about space, Vietnam, McNamera, Nixon, and Johnson. It’s one thing to read so much about […]

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Time Capsule

I just dug my old Dell desktop out of the closet to see if there’s anything on it I want to keep before tossing it. Looks like it was last fired up in September 2006 and I was in ham mode, messing with MixW. It’s running Windows 2000, Firefox, QuickTime 7.0.4, Yahoo! Messenger, […]

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I have a new kitty in the family, 2 months old. His shelter name is Shaun, but I’m not sure if I’m keeping that. (Update 9/17: I’m calling him Felix) He’s very vocal, spent all night meowing like murder was happening. He’s a little better today, but still gets very lonely. I laid in the […]

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Comcast oddly doesn’t suck

Last month I finally decided to re-join the modern age and get cable. I’ve been waiting for FiOS from Frontier ever since I moved in, and my apartment building was finally wired up for it. I was flabbergasted when they told me the install charge for TV+internet over FiOS was $500, but if I just […]

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