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Monthly Archive for June, 2008


Such a successful weekend. Toured a new apartment property today Grilled a phat steak tonight Pulled out appliances, cleaned the kitchen from top to bottom Watched seasons 2, 4, 5 of Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares (UK version) Went out with Bob & Julia last night at Spiderhouse; had never been there before Learned the backstroke Figured […]

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I hate in-line KVM appliances

So the server I ordered long ago for tifa has two hard drives. It wasn’t until later I remembered this and realized it was not setup in a RAID. I finally got around to ordering a KVM-over-IP device from The Planet so I could work in single user mode to move filesystems around to an […]

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Happy birthday, cwis.net

The company I started long ago would’ve been 12 years old two days ago if it were still around. huh. I must be doing something wrong, for I am not sitting on a beach earning 20%.

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Minnen ratta

Mom and sister visited last weekend. A good time was had, much running around, eating and shopping was done. Pappadeux was out of crawfish, we visited the UT Tower, then shopping at IKEA. I hadn’t been to IKEA in several months and walked out with new huge art for my apartment. In IKEA I found […]

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drunk driver->cyclists

What happens when a drunk driver hits a peloton of bicyclists.

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Some like it hot

Ah, summertime in Texas. I am thoroughly sunburned from being in the pool yesterday and a 24-mile ride today. The compressor in my apartment AC died last night, so today was an exercise in staying comfortable. Apparently if you close the blinds and turn on all the fans, it’s fairly tolerable. Who knew? While googling […]

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