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Minnen ratta

Mom and sister visited last weekend. A good time was had, much running around, eating and shopping was done. Pappadeux was out of crawfish, we visited the UT Tower, then shopping at IKEA. I hadn’t been to IKEA in several months and walked out with new huge art for my apartment.

Minnen rattaIn IKEA I found a stuffed rat doll, I was so excited! I was walking around the store when I heard some woman screech “EEEEP!”. When I turned to look, she was staring at me and the rat on my shoulder, “I thought it was real!”

While at the UT Outlet, I wandered down to the bookstore. I remembered there was so much I wanted to learn and noticed college textbooks are now ridiculously expensive. Anyone know where I can find a good textbook on risk management that’s not $148?

Monday I had a case of food poisoning or something wicked. I left work a bit early because my stomach was really bothering me. By the time I got home I was doubled over in pain. It wasn’t just stomach discomfort, but outright burning and sharp pain in my gut. I loaded up on pepto, tylenol, but it was a solid three hours before it subsided. No comfortable position, I alternated between pacing around the apartment and writhing on the bed. I debated going to the clinic, then realized they had already closed. Took a couple of days before the cramping in my stomach went away. I’ve experienced this once before in Tulsa, didn’t know what caused it then either. blah.

Now it’s Thursday. Almost Friday.

Also Gemma Atkinson is a total babe, that is all.

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