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Monthly Archive for April, 2007

Birth of squiggle map

Where have I been? Today’s mental exercise was plotting where I’ve traveled in my life. The result is a map with a bunch of squiggles. Rather than say “I’ve been to these states,” I wanted to narrow it down since most states are a few inches across. For this I count places I’ve actually set […]

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Fun with radio

I spent some time today tracking down RFI in my truck that appears when I’m listening to 6-80 meters. I re-mounted my HF antenna, fixed some annoying problems and installed a line noise filter. The good news is, the line filter killed the majority of the noise I get when the truck ignition is in […]

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First week without soda

80 miles today, down past San Marcos on I-35. I got quite the blochy sunburn from it. The first 20-30 miles I felt great, but by mile 60 I was bored and very ready to be finished. My legs were getting pretty heavy, I came home and crawled in bed for a couple of hours. […]

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3 days without soda

It’s been 72 hours without any soda. Sunday hurt like hell; I was in bed for most of the day with a pounding headache. The last time I stopped, it didn’t hurt at all. Tea has filled the vacuum. Not your ordinary Snapple or instant iced tea, but good o’ British Empire black tea (minus […]

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VO2/athletic stress test

I did my VO2 test today. I should have my full formal results back from a pulmonary specialist in a week or two after they go over the spirometry and EKG data. Turns out I have small lungs; the prediction was 7.3 liters, but I only measured 3.7 liters. Since I don’t smoke, they were […]

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Chernobyl and closetserver

This weekend was an adventure in building a new closetserver. I was working with LDAP so I tried installing Fedora Directory Server on my box. When I ran out of memory, that was the last straw. Saturday I went to Fry’s to find some decently cheap new kit. I picked up a Gigabyte motherboard, an […]

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