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Birth of squiggle map

Where have I been? Today’s mental exercise was plotting where I’ve traveled in my life. The result is a map with a bunch of squiggles. Rather than say “I’ve been to these states,” I wanted to narrow it down since most states are a few inches across. For this I count places I’ve actually set foot on and I don’t count places I’ve merely flown over. I know I’ve been on more trips with my parents when I was a wee child, the Grand Canyon for example, but I barely remember it and won’t count it.

Notably absent is the north, the midwest, and New England. There needs to be a map insert for Amsterdam, but lasso+cut escapes me in mspaint.

Wann Logistics has contracted with Ashpool to courier an Aistream from Kansas City to Seattle in the next few months. Ideally, I’d like to head up north with it through the Dakotas then make my way west on I-90. Coming back, I’d like to head down the coast on I-5 and Cali-1 to San Diego. I’ve wanted to make that trip for a very long time. Alternatively I wouldn’t mind coming through Wyoming through Yosemite and down to Salt Lake City. I’d also like to get a chance to hit Death Valley again, but that’s out of the way for either route. If I felt really ballsy and willing to put in the ass time, drive up to Vancouver and drive across Canada to Minnesota and head south.

It’s sounding like I may be in Amsterdam for 3 or 4 weeks now, starting in late July. We’ve finally signed contracts, but still not into the heavy planning portion of the trip.

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