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Monthly Archive for February, 2018

Watching first SpaceX launch

Actually my first time watching any sort of rocket launch in person. A friend urged me to go watch one of the Space Shuttle launches before the program ended but I never did. (I did get to see the Shuttle Endeavor flyover at Facebook in 2015). I don’t know why I haven’t been down to […]

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Death Valley: Stovepipe Wells camping

The 16th of January I drove out to Death Valley for a few days. Last time I camped up at Wildrose, this time I camped at the NPS campground at Stovepipe Wells. The weather was perfect, a little cool at night, and a little warm during the day. Really not much point to the trip, […]

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Discovering a car wreck in Nevada (2017)

Roadtrips have been kinda light the past few months, I went out to Stovepipe Wells in Death Valley a couple of weeks ago. I should write about it, but I’ve forgotten most of what I did. This story happened last summer as I was driving across Nevada in the middle of the night. So far […]

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