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Monthly Archive for July, 2008


Today I was a passenger in an auto collision! Rob and I were going to lunch (mmm indian curry) when he rear-ended somebody who suddenly was at a dead stop in the middle of Anderson Lane. A good 40 m.p.h. lick, popped the airbags. I knew we were going to hit, I felt the impact, […]

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New apartment

Hoooray I signed up for a new apartment today. Right across 360 from work, about a half mile commute. My move-in date will be the week after Burning Man, so it’ll be interesting.

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Extra crispy

The weekend before last, I was enjoying swimming in the pool for stupidly too long. I burned myself pretty bad on my face and chest; I hadn’t been burned this bad in like 15 years. Normally I always wear Bullfrog when I’m out for a long time, but for whatever reason this time I didn’t. […]

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