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Monthly Archive for August, 2018

Yosemite trip: August

[photos: flickr – Yosemite] A couple of weeks ago a friend passing through Yosemite informed me the smoke had cleared up, highways and campgrounds were open again. In theory this meant there should be a lot of campsites available from to all the recent cancellations due to the park closure. I sat on this for […]

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Death Valley: August

[photos: flickr – Death Valley] [bonus video: Death Valley hyperlapse hwy 190 to Furnace creek] Last weekend was a new moon and it happened to coincide with the peak of the Perseid meteor shower. I thought “great! an excuse to go out to Death Valley and take photos of it!” The trip turned out to […]

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Minuteman III launch 7/31

Sunday morning I got an email from the launch-alert mailing list about an upcoming Minuteman III ICBM test out of Vandenberg AFB on Tuesday morning. I had just gotten back from photographing the Iridium 7 launch a few days prior, but being a cold war nerd I definitely did not want to miss seeing an ICBM […]

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