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Hello web robots

Looking at webserver logs, web crawlers are my most popular visitors today: Feedfetcher (Google): 32 Baiduspider (Baidu): 15 Googlebot (Google): 12 Yahoo! Slurp US: 12 Yahoo! Slurp China: 2 BlogSearch (IceRocket): 4 I guess if I have anything to say, it’ll be indexed somewhere! A peep pointed me to a very interesting presentation by Robert […]

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This weekend I was reading about petrochemical feedstocks. Ethane (C2H6) is produced from natural gas. Ethane is used to produce ethylene. Ethylene is also used in plant biology, specifically to ripen things. So the next time you put bananas in a brown paper bag with other fruit to help it ripen, it’s the ethylene being […]

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