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Hello web robots

Looking at webserver logs, web crawlers are my most popular visitors today:

  • Feedfetcher (Google): 32
  • Baiduspider (Baidu): 15
  • Googlebot (Google): 12
  • Yahoo! Slurp US: 12
  • Yahoo! Slurp China: 2
  • BlogSearch (IceRocket): 4

I guess if I have anything to say, it’ll be indexed somewhere!

A peep pointed me to a very interesting presentation by Robert Lustig, M.D., a Professor of Pediatrics at UCSF, called Sugar: The Bitter Truth. It’s fairly technical and goes into the biochemistry of glucose (table sugar), fructose, and ethanol to explain how the body (specifically the liver) metabolize all three. He describes the change in fructose intake over the past 30 years and what it’s done to world heath, eventually using the comparison of fructose and ethanol to prove fructose is a chronic poison like ethanol. Then he goes on to explain how this is winding up being fed to our infants, jumpstarting obesity and other health problems.

I’ve been anti-sugar, anti-sweetner for a few years now, unfortunately still taking in a good amount of HFCS in my diet. I found presentation very interesting because it shows exactly what happens inside the body, and fills in the “why” gaps of what’s good/bad about sugars.

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