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Monthly Archive for February, 2009

More firewall hate

Oh my god, this has gotten so hairy, unpredictable and complicated that it’s actually easier to write an expect script to log into a massive amount of firewalls to gather interface data.

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Firewall SNMP hate

Cisco, your SNMP implementation on PIX and ASA annoy me. On every version from 6.x to 8.x, once you nameif an interface it removes any trace of what the physical interface is from IF-MIB. There’s no way to relate logical to physical, to know that ‘outside’ is ‘Ethernet0/0’. This is annoying because the datacenter sees […]

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TCP hate

I spent nearly three hours this week looking at packet dumps and coming up with a TCP-level explaination for a customer’s problem, only to have it shattered by bouncing it off a coworker. grr. Tickets from AUS to AMS in mid-March are $371. That’s nearly what I just paid to fly to Boston!

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E-mail disclaimer hate II

Wow, what I said goes double for long disclaimers that are translated into two different languages on every email!

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E-mail disclaimer hate

Dear business world, Please stop with the legal and confidentiality disclaimers on emails that stretch out 10+ lines. Same goes for top-posting on a thread of five e-mails in one. You’re annoying me to no end, especially when your added contribution is only one line.

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Catching up

I suppose I should call this the unfinished blog entry since it’s been sitting in my editor for nearly exactly a week now. I have acquired every episode of House and have successfully watched each episode. I’ve been watching it as it was on the telly every now and then, but now I’m complete. Season […]

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