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Catching up

I suppose I should call this the unfinished blog entry since it’s been sitting in my editor for nearly exactly a week now.

I have acquired every episode of House and have successfully watched each episode. I’ve been watching it as it was on the telly every now and then, but now I’m complete. Season three has a nice share of cute blondes. At first I had a crush on the daughter of the cheese bacteria guy, Keri Lynn Pratt. Now I’ve passed her up and have an eye on the stalker 17 yr old, Leighton Meester.

I spent this last weekend being completely lazy, trying to catch up on sleep. After sleeping in until 1 PM, napping from 6 PM – 7 PM, tea from 9:30-10 PM, I’m fairly sure it’ll be up until 3 AM.

I spent this weekend being completely lazy as well. After a very busy week at work I wanted to either get out of town for randomness or do nothing. I had thought of driving 1000 miles to the east on Saturday to see where I’d wind up. Maps tell me I’d almost make it to Jacksonville, FL; the coast would be just a bit longer. I actually had a change of clothes in my pack ready to go, but sleeping in wound up winning instead. I’m still sleeping like crap.

I turn 30 in 38 days. It doesn’t seems like a earth shattering milestone, but means I’m no longer twenty-something. I hadn’t thought ahead to what I’m doing. Dean Karnazes ran his first 30 miler on the night of his 30th birthday. It’s unlikely I’ll do the same thing, but nice to know I’m not too far behind in the game. Folklore says I should be on my 2nd marriage by now and a successful manager. I got my eight year stint of running a company out of the way early, so I’m just short the [ex-]wife now.

I went out last Tuesday night to catch Mike and the Moonpies play at Hole in the Wall. It felt really weird going out, like I hadn’t seen that part of Austin in months. Wasn’t the same crowd I was used to seeing from the old Wednesday night shows, so I felt disconnected and out of place.

Carrying a several-hundred calorie/day deficit has hit a plateau. I had a steady weight loss for a couple of months and now can’t seem to get below 168. I’ve definately lost muscle mass, which I expect to gain back pretty soon when I start cycling again. I was wandering around the area today, lots of quiet neighborhood riding to be done up here. Many steep climbs to get there though.

Tiesto in Concert 2004 gave me a great idea for Burning Man. During Eastern Magik there’s this big huge (20′-30′?) cloth/canvas head on which a face is projected. The face just does nothing but look over the crowd, the gaze shifting from here to there. I can easily see that peering over the playa and getting a reaction. No idea if anything like that has been done. I’m short a powerful projector, crane, and canvas head anyways.

My project this year is generating enough electricity to run an RV air conditioner. So far the specs on what a unit requires are escaping me. I still intend to purchase a small wind turbine and better polycrystaline photovoltaic panels this year. I think between the two I should be able to generate several hundred watts during the day, but this isn’t enough to drive an AC continuously. Still looking into 12 V systems and swamp coolers. Either way, I should have enough juice to throw at the problem.

The Boston in-port races of the Volvo Ocean Race 2008-2009 are in May. My friend did not think much of my idea of moving his boat from Lake Travis to Galveston and sailing up to catch the action on the water. We’d have to depart like, last week, to make it in time. He has this silly notion that it’d be faster and cheaper to fly up and rent a boat up there. What happened to seeking adventure!

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