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Monthly Archive for July, 2018

SpaceX Iridium-7 launch

[photos: flickr – SpaceX Iridium-7] After not being able to make the Iridium-6 and NASA InSight launches I was eager to make the next launch from Vandenberg. Last night I drug along a friend and we pulled an all-nighter driving down to Lompoc and back for the SpaceX Iridium-7 launch. I’m wore out but at […]

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Crater Lake trip

[photos: flickr – Lava Beds Revisited] [photos: flickr – Crater Lake NP] I was looking at a map of Oregon thinking I should go explore the central and eastern part of the state. I spotted Crater Lake and it reminded me I wanted to go there. Google Maps had suggested an alternate route there through […]

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