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Monthly Archive for November, 2011

Continental Airlines, I miss you

On a less serious note, I miss you Continental Airlines. You never angered me, not even once, in 90,000 miles of travel which is pretty amazing. Being from Austin made it super easy to catch your flights out of Houston. Your express customs lanes and priority baggage loading were so awesome! Even international coach was […]

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The past 24 hours have been surreal. I unexpectedly had to put Patch to sleep this morning. Over the past month or two Patch had slowly been losing weight and being more reserved. I always attributed this to Felix bullying her, since he was getting big enough to push her out of the way at […]

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OpenNMS Experience Redux

I’m doing my second greenfield OpenNMS deployment, and so far it’s going a lot smoother than last time. This time it’s server-centric which is a whole new can of worms to figure out. I don’t yet know how feasible it will be to monitor services like Exchange or SQL Server. My last setup never really […]

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