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On a less serious note, I miss you Continental Airlines. You never angered me, not even once, in 90,000 miles of travel which is pretty amazing. Being from Austin made it super easy to catch your flights out of Houston. Your express customs lanes and priority baggage loading were so awesome! Even international coach was great and domestic is okay. I decided I’m going to have to make an effort to fly you more (but you’re still a cog in the whole air travel experience). [Well okay, there was that one time you made me run through EWR to catch my flight to AMS. And that one time you delayed me 6 hours going to IAD, but you gave me free first class.]

Alaskan Air, you’re a super easy way to get up and down the coast and have been a life saver at last minute flights but during descent on every flight you make me sit through a solid 3 minutes of scripted marketing crap about your Visa and miles program over the PA that I can’t drown out or ignore. I’ve already paid to get in your airplane, leave me alone. If my SEA->OAK flight is 30 minutes long, that means I spent 10% of it listening to you talk, right?

Delta, I use you because I have to whenever I have to go to Oklahoma. You make me watch a long ass seat-back video of all your employees thanking me, then an annoying smug woman with cheap humor doing the safety lecture, followed by a bunch of commercials that I can’t turn off.

TSA in Tulsa today, wow, you were the most frisky pat down I’ve ever received since you rolled out the millimeter wave machines. I still feel the “back surface” of your hands groping my crotch and running down my leg. shiver. I pondered how fake/real offended I was about it but I’d rather blog about it instead.

American, well, not so much to say good or bad about you. I think some of your planes are older than me.

It was really fantastic to go back home for Thanksgiving, but I’m remembering I can pretend to make a difference by voting with my wallet.

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