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Monthly Archive for January, 2012

Shit * Says

@lindvall: Feeling a lot of déjà vu from Shit Silicon Valley Says at Seattle Beta.

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Adventures in winter moving

This has certainly been an adventurous move, mainly because of how open-ended it was, which then turned into “oh shit, what” when the snow storm hit Seattle. Despite the panic about last minute obstacles, so far they’ve been overcome. I’m not complaining, just what a ride! I initially put off moving a week because I […]

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Moving to California

So I’m moving to California to seek out new opportunities. This should be no surprise to anyone who’s known me, since I’ve rattled on about it incessantly in one form or another (not to mention basically driving/flying down every chance I get). I’ve wanted to live there my entire career since that’s where the action […]

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