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This has certainly been an adventurous move, mainly because of how open-ended it was, which then turned into “oh shit, what” when the snow storm hit Seattle. Despite the panic about last minute obstacles, so far they’ve been overcome. I’m not complaining, just what a ride!

I initially put off moving a week because I needed more time to pack and take care of things. At first, because the leasing office at the new place was closed on Sunday, I pondered loading and leaving Friday evening. Then the big snow storm hit Wednesday and buried the PNW under several inches of snow. The roads weren’t looking good so I considered loading Saturday and spending two nights on the road.

Then I realized Oregon and northern California got hit with the storm too and started checking the weather+road conditions there. The Siskiyou Pass in southern Oregon became interesting because it was frequently snowing heavily. At least once I-5 was completely closed and traffic diverted. There was a severe weather hazard Friday with chains mandatory, which cleared off to a warning Saturday so it looked like it was getting better.

By now I was completely packed and was just waiting. I finally decided to pick up the U-Haul on Saturday. Here’s where allll the plans when out the window and I had to start improvising everything. Because I didn’t know when the roads would be clear I hadn’t scheduled movers to help load the truck. I hopped on Yelp and started down the list, asking who was available Sunday. Most were booked weeks out. I found a crew who booked me at 1 PM but said they’d come earlier if they could.

8 AM the next morning I get a call that they’re on their way! I snapped up off the couch and started getting ready. It took a bit longer than I expected, we finished loading the U-Haul after 1 PM. They did a superb job at wrapping my furniture and packing the truck very well. Everything fit into a 14′ truck with room to spare. The only things I left behind were my pile of Rackable servers and closetserver, mainly because I didn’t have sturdy packing materials for them. A few last minute meals and errands I left Redmond at 5 PM. By now there was a travel hazard on the mountain pass because of heavy snowfall. Because I left so late I’d have to spend the night in Medford, OR anyways.

Felix was well behaved on the trip for the most part. He would complain for several minutes after I put him in the carrier and would occasionally get restless and very vocal. All the times I let him loose in the cab, he hid behind the driver’s seat.

The drive took way longer than expected even with generous time estimates. I rolled into Medford at 4 AM, on a very cold morning. Signs all along I-5 warned of severe weather up ahead in Ashland. I holed up in a Motel 6 for a few hours and slept. My previous estimates said I needed to be there by 2 AM, leave at 7 AM, in order to have time to get the lease signed, get keys, and get unloaded all on Monday.

At 8 AM Monday I woke up and checked the pass conditions. The snow pack had broken up and chains weren’t required anymore, so off I went. The mountain looked amazing, it was blanketed by a layer of fog just thick enough to blot out the sun. All of the big evergreen trees were sagging with snow, everything was white. The sand on the pavement was practically the only color. Slow going but eventually made it over.

I passed by Mount Shasta on into Yreka. Every time I’ve been here, it looks different. I’ve been through at night, at winter sunset, summer sunset, and now covered in snow. Again, amazing scenery along Mt Shasta. Felix was being behaving much better today. Initially he refused to go in the carrier and complained for a while after, but eventually he just laid there snoozing in the sun not saying a thing the entire drive. Even on a bumpy road where he was clearly getting bounced around, he still slept like a champ.

On the drive down I was again on Yelp looking up movers and found a crew who could unload the truck at 1 PM. The drive was still taking forever and I didn’t roll into Fremont until 4 PM, so the movers rescheduled for Tuesday morning at 9 AM. I had the night in my empty apartment and it was kind of nice to sprawl out in the emptiness, I didn’t miss my stuff (but worried that somebody would break into the truck on the street).

Tuesday morning we almost got everything in the apartment — except the couch. It was just too big for the sharp turn to get into the doorway. Because the apartment is on the 2nd floor, going up over the balcony would require serious manpower; they estimated at least six men, yikes. Instead I just loaded it back on the truck to deal with later.

Today (Wednesday) I started calling around and found a storage unit, now worrying about who I’m going to get to help me unload this sucker. I had joked earlier about getting day laborers and now it was looking like reality. I decided I could at least get it off the truck by myself, so if I had a trolley I was gold. The storage place had a big elevator and carts where I could just wheel it around, perfect. Initially I started unloading it myself and got it on a cart to wheel it in, then the owner came out to give me a hand. I’m really grateful he did, as it made it much easier; I’m not sure if I could’ve stood it up through the door by myself.

Nowwwww the next chapter in the story is getting back to Redmond to pick up my truck. Did I mention a SECOND drive, this time non-stop?

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