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Monthly Archive for April, 2008

I hate NagiosGrapher

I’ve decided after careful consideration NagiosGrapher is one of the worst software packages ever. There’s so much terse and conflicting instructions out there, that even after three hours of hacking and tinkering I cannot get it to work. Even from an RPM install! die die die! Long live PNP4Nagios. The shit just works.

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I miss Death Valley

I must go back to Death Valley, it calls to me. I want to experience 130+ F heat.

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Knocking out the cobwebs

After a week I’m better, but still coughing. It was a fantastic Texas weekend, clear and sunny, in the 80s. I failed to go do anything Saturday except be a nerd and play with nerd things. Today I couldn’t take staying inside and decided to go out for the first long ride of the year. […]

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