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Minuteman III launch 7/31

Sunday morning I got an email from the launch-alert mailing list about an upcoming Minuteman III ICBM test out of Vandenberg AFB on Tuesday morning. I had just gotten back from photographing the Iridium 7 launch a few days prior, but being a cold war nerd I definitely did not want to miss seeing an ICBM […]

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SpaceX Iridium-7 launch

[photos: flickr – SpaceX Iridium-7] After not being able to make the Iridium-6 and NASA InSight launches I was eager to make the next launch from Vandenberg. Last night I drug along a friend and we pulled an all-nighter driving down to Lompoc and back for the SpaceX Iridium-7 launch. I’m wore out but at […]

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Watching first SpaceX launch

Actually my first time watching any sort of rocket launch in person. A friend urged me to go watch one of the Space Shuttle launches before the program ended but I never did. (I did get to see the Shuttle Endeavor flyover at Facebook in 2015). I don’t know why I haven’t been down to […]

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