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Death Valley: August

[photos: flickr – Death Valley] [bonus video: Death Valley hyperlapse hwy 190 to Furnace creek] Last weekend was a new moon and it happened to coincide with the peak of the Perseid meteor shower. I thought “great! an excuse to go out to Death Valley and take photos of it!” The trip turned out to […]

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Death Valley – March edition

[photos: flickr – Death Valley snow, stars, Ballarat] [photos: flickr – Death Valley jets] I bought myself a new wide-angle lens for my birthday this week and it was a new moon phase, so I used it as an excuse to go out to Death Valley again and make photos of stars last weekend. A […]

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Death Valley: Stovepipe Wells camping

The 16th of January I drove out to Death Valley for a few days. Last time I camped up at Wildrose, this time I camped at the NPS campground at Stovepipe Wells. The weather was perfect, a little cool at night, and a little warm during the day. Really not much point to the trip, […]

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Death Valley: Wildrose Peak hike

[flickr: Death Valley – Wildrose] I’ve wanted to hike up to Telescope Peak for a while but so far haven’t felt like I’ve been in good enough shape. A few days ago I saw a photo on the Death Valley NP Facebook page showing ladybugs at the summit of Wildrose. I looked it up and […]

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