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3 days without soda

It’s been 72 hours without any soda. Sunday hurt like hell; I was in bed for most of the day with a pounding headache. The last time I stopped, it didn’t hurt at all. Tea has filled the vacuum. Not your ordinary Snapple or instant iced tea, but good o’ British Empire black tea (minus sugar and milk). I figure by the time I get around to visiting Dubai or Nepal I should be well versed in local teas. I’m somewhat fascinated how tea has been “the” drink for hundreds of years, yet I’ve been completely oblivious to it. It’s clearly the decent choice of drink. Fuck soda, long live tea!

I’m enjoying the afternoon ritual of boiling water at work for my post-lunch cup. So far I haven’t experienced the ups and down of sugar crashes that even diet soda tends to give me. By the end of the day I’m still very much ready to leave the office, but I don’t want to craw into bed now. I’m still at the teabag stage, but Burton loaned me his infuser and several cans of different leaves to try out. Thus far I haven’t met a black tea I haven’t liked. Last night was Earl Grey, tonight was Darjeeling. For some unknown reason, getting a whiff of the Earl Grey packages sitting on my counter tickles my nose and makes me want to sneeze. I’m told I need to try Russian caravan and Lapsang souchong to at least get an opinion if I hate it or love it.

Today it was finally warm again so I rushed home, changed out my tire on the bike and hit the road. I caught onto what a local was doing and followed his loop through the Travis Cook neighborhood. It’s around 4 miles round trip and much more interesting than doing laps at the Veloway. Since it’s in a neighborhood and not the highway, I don’t feel the pressure to keep sprinting all the time and can ride at a more lesiurely pace (i.e. in my aerobic zone).

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