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VO2/athletic stress test

I did my VO2 test today. I should have my full formal results back from a pulmonary specialist in a week or two after they go over the spirometry and EKG data. Turns out I have small lungs; the prediction was 7.3 liters, but I only measured 3.7 liters. Since I don’t smoke, they were a bit puzzled and a bit surprised why it was so low. The technician said my VO2 max was “high”, but I don’t have the exact numbers yet.

During the stress test I got up to 230 watts and a heart rate of 186. It was a very gradual increase in resistance, no “levels”. It was hard to gauge how hard I was going unless I watched the watt meter. My legs were beginning to burn, but otherwise I was feeling fine. I felt like I could will myself further, but the technician stopped the test because my blood oxygen saturation fell to 87%.

Bioimpedance analysis shows my BMI is 24.3, which is basically right on the line between normal and overweight. It’s not surprising since I’m packing a bit of a gut these days. My basal metabolic rate is 1975 kcal, meaning that’s how much I’ll burn at rest doing nothing in 24 hours. My phase angle was 6.7 degree, which is an indicator of cellular health; higher is better. The doctor said 4 degrees is something they see in people with kidney disease and I should be much higher, but the internets say 6-8 degrees is normal.

The doctor had many recommendations for me: I need to add on more lean muscle mass to boost my metabolism; get back on my low glycemic index diet; Centrum is total crap, get better vitamins; take N-acetyl cysteine amino acid supplements; eat “a LOT” more fruits and vegetables, 5-6 servings a day; eat breakfast; decrease the amount of animal protein I eat; and basically, “Dear God stop eating all red meat and drinking soda, today, right now”. When I’m back on the low GI diet, that should take care of my weight automatically.

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