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Some like it hot

Cycling suntanAh, summertime in Texas. I am thoroughly sunburned from being in the pool yesterday and a 24-mile ride today. The compressor in my apartment AC died last night, so today was an exercise in staying comfortable. Apparently if you close the blinds and turn on all the fans, it’s fairly tolerable. Who knew?

While googling for information about the wind farms around Sweetwater, I discovered Miss Snake Charmer 2008. As part of the rattlesnake round-up they have in Sweetwater, they have a pageant for the folks who get queazy around snakes. Winners get some sort of scholarship, presumably for college. The catch is, one of the responsibilties of winning is that the girl has to either skin or milk the venom from a rattlesnake. I don’t have this girl’s name, but she looks relatively non-chalant about standing in a pen of rattlesnakes.

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