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Such a successful weekend.

  • Toured a new apartment property today
  • Grilled a phat steak tonight
  • Pulled out appliances, cleaned the kitchen from top to bottom
  • Watched seasons 2, 4, 5 of Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares (UK version)
  • Went out with Bob & Julia last night at Spiderhouse; had never been there before
  • Learned the backstroke
  • Figured out I can float with a pull buoy tucked behind my back, then spent nearly two hours floating and swimming in the pool
  • Wet Swiffer pads are greatest thing ever for cleaning a bathroom tile floor

Prospective new apartment is on top of a hill across 360 from work. Really nice place, only $20-$100/mo more depending on options. Includes a spa and dry sauna. Probably a 15 minute walk from work, riding a bike up the drive would be positively daunting. Behind the property leads into a large, somewhat quiet neighborhood, which would be nice for casual riding.

I spent a good amount of time in the pool today. Wore myself out in the afternoon. Taught myself how to do the backstroke. Tonight I went back to experiment with a pull buoy, discovered my legs will float just fine but my torso drags me down. If I tuck it under my lumbar I can float just enough to keep my face out of the water. Spent a lot of time casually paddling from one end of the pool to the other; my arms are jelly now. This is pretty exciting to me as it means I can wail on my upper body now without wearing myself out. Have started to pick up speed on my limited freestyle, haven’t gotten comfortable with coming up to take more air.

I was dorking around with a snorkel and inhaled a lot of water through my nose. Water smells fucking foul, like four day old liquid garbage in my nose. Took two hours for the smell to finally go away. Hope I did not suck in some ecoli or hepititis or something nasty.

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