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I have a new kitty in the family, 2 months old. His shelter name is Shaun, but I’m not sure if I’m keeping that. (Update 9/17: I’m calling him Felix) He’s very vocal, spent all night meowing like murder was happening. He’s a little better today, but still gets very lonely. I laid in the office floor with him until 2-3 AM to quiet him down. I forgot how much energy kittens have, when he plays he just goes all out plowing into everything. I was also surprised at how much to feed a kitten; 1 can per pound body weight per day, so that works out to basically 1 can, 3 times a day.

Patch is somewhat concerned by the noises coming from the office, but otherwise seems indifferent. Today I gave them a little introduction, holding Shaun in the same room while Patch looked on.

In the process of trying to get up to keep Shaun from running out of the office, I stumped my little toe really hard on the bookcase. It smarted for a while and started swelling up. After dinner it was purple and blue on both sides. Today the swelling and discoloration spread farther, enough to make me go to urgent care. They took some x-rays and decided it wasn’t broken, just sprained. The doctor showed me how to split it with tape to my other toes and said that’s all that should be done with it.

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