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TIL about Tourette’s

While reading the chapter Witty Ticcy Ray about Tourette’s in Oliver Sacks’ book The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat, I discovered an amazing list of things I didn’t know:

  • Tourette was a student of Jean-Martin Charcot, the founder of modern neurology
  • Freud was also a student of Charcot
  • Freud named one of his children Jean-Martin, after Charcot
  • Charcot was the first to describe ALS and multiple sclerosis
  • Oliver Sacks also wrote the book Awakenings, which a movie was based on
  • In the movie, Robert DeNiro played Leonard (I had forgotten about this)
  • There has been research into the grammar and linguistic structure of tics
  • L-Dopa is a dopamine-precursor, and Haldol is a dopamine antagonist

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