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California again

On vacation this week in the Bay Area! Weather is FANTASTIC. I had to travel 320 miles south on the 5 before I reached clear skies on Monday. I realized on the way down that I had forgotten what Northern California looked like during the day. The last two times I came down (this year), it was winter so it was dark by the time I passed through. The only time I saw it in daylight was 2006 or 2007, when I was driving back from Seattle during the great epic AUS-KCI-BM-SEA-SF-LA-AUS roadtrip. It reminds me a lot of West Texas, especially how the sky gets layers of violet and blue at sunset.

Today was eating lunch in the Golden Gate park, then wandering around the de Young Museum. Picasso was on expo again, looked like there was some pieces there that I hadn’t seen in Seattle. Lots of cool stuff in the general exhibit halls, I especially like the cathedral made out of gun parts and bullets and trompe l’oeil painting. I’m always amazed that not only did some man/woman imagine a piece of art, they sat down and actually created the thing.

I will have to buy some sunscreen for my outdoor wanderings. I’m not as tan as I was in Texas, so casual exposure can really burn me now. :(

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