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At a last minute urging I went to the Austin “get-Google-to-lay-FTTH” Big Gig party last night. I got to catch up with some of my colleagues from my last job, and met several new people, including (surprisingly) a group of attractive, chatty young ladies who were there as part of the co-“tweetup”. A good time was had, clearly I need to go seek out more of these twitter events!

Digging around and asking around, I found a few interesting tech social events in Austin. The first thing I found was the Door64.com website. In just a couple of days, this thing has kept my Twitter feed full of meet-ups and job openings.  The timing of this week’s meet-up is odd, 10-11 AM, which is precisely when I start work.

One meet-up it lead me to is the Austin Tech Happy Hour which happens downtown at Molotov.  I’ve never been to Molotov, and I was highly amused reading the Yelp comments that describe the place as overpriced and overrun by yuppie douchebags. Presumably those were written by hipster douchebags.  I’m probably a yuppie douchebag myself these days (I do like Brooks Brothers and Spanish footwear), so I’ll fit right in.

AustinStartup and Tech Ranch were two start-up centric groups I encountered. While I’m not in start-up mode, they had some nice articles to read and worth to know they exist. Capital Factory’s Startup Speed Dating is certainly an interesting twist on the speed dating game, an approach I’ve never seen. The goal is to match up business entrepreneurs with tech people in order to help build a solid founding team.

In other nerd news, I finally got IPv6 connectivity to my cloud VM in Singapore.  I was warned that there wasn’t a lot of local/regional connectivity, which is exactly what I wanted to see.  Between Singapore and my London VPS, my packets really do go around the world.  Outbound looks like Singapore->SJC->ORD->NYC->LON. Return traffic completes the circumnavigation by going via LON->Singapore.

Spring is finally here, March is almost already gone.  When I leave in the morning, it’s nice to see the red buds blooming, wildflowers popping up and the SUN!  It always puts me in a good mood and makes me thankful to live in Texas for a short while before I have to go tackle the mountain of tickets and barrage of phone calls at work.

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