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177,594 mile brake pads

I’ve been rather astounded by the life of my brake pads on the truck.  After thinking about it I realized I’ve been running on factory brake pads all these years. A few times I thought about replacing them myself but never got around to it. My friends claim it is not possible, that I surely must have replaced them and/or have destroyed rotors at some point.  Today my mechanic confirmed that I was indeed still using factory parts when I had them changed out because I was getting paranoid.  If I were smart I’d had caliper readings and photographs of before and after, but I don’t.

Unfortunately I learned that replacing the fuel pump is a more labor intensive job than I expected. They told me it’d be easier to take the bed off the truck to replace the pump rather than dropping the tank. I think it’d be even easier to take a Sawz-all to my bed.

Also, shut up woman, get on my horse.

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