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Ah, Apple blue-shirts

God bless the blue-shirts at Apple stores for helping non-tech savvy users find what they want, but they try too hard when you already know what you want.  I had heard stories of this, but hadn’t experienced it yet.  I walked into the Apple store today to buy a Mini. That’s it.  After waiting around to snag a blue-shirt, the exchange went something like this:

Let’s go take a look at them, is this your first Mac?

“No, this is number five for me.”

Is this for home or for business?

“It’s a desktop for work. (too late, I know where this is going). I just want a base Mini.”

Er, okay, well if this is for business then we have this business program to…

“No, I just want a Mini.”

Right now we’re also offering $100 on a printer…

“No, I don’t need a printer, I just need a Mini.”

If you get one, then you’ll want to buy Apple Care for $150…

“No, don’t need it, I just need a Mini.”

Oh, well, if you don’t have any questions I’ll go back and get one!”

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