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I hate being on-call

Argh! This hellacious week is over, finally. There wasn’t a night go by this week that I got a full night sleep due to being on-call. The sore throat I picked up last week is still annoying me. /whah. It was a mistake going out yesterday, holiday shopping has began. Cars going to the mall […]

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On track

A small geocaching trip today turned into a 9 mile hike along the Greenbelt. I got it in my head to find a trail that I could use to cut across the Greenbelt to be able to walk/run to work. The cache today was in the vicinity of a trail that followed a transmission line […]

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Last night at a party Burton and I got a craving for brisket. It was around midnight, which guaranteed everything was close. Apparently that wasn’t the case, a place called Sam’s BBQ on east 12th stays open until 2 AM. We went there and it was pretty typical east Austin, but they had some good […]

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Today was a fun day of Geocaching. I found three caches, struck out on two. The last one was an adventure in getting lost in white people suburbia. I had set out to find GCH3CZ, so I parked at the recommended dead-end street at the trailhead. Somehow I got off trying to go to the […]

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Wiring up the apartment

This has been a geek weekend. I discovered that I have cat 5 ran to all the phone/coax outlets in my apartment and terminated in a distribution block in my closet. This is significant in that it finally solves my age old problem of getting wired internet to the bedroom for high speed file sharing. […]

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Burning Man Aftermath

Back in Austin, yipee! Ah, my clean apartment, my clean kitchen, my clean rugs, my bed, and my downstairs neighbor’s yapping dogs. I got in about 1 PM and promptly went to sleep again. I dropped off four rolls of film this afternoon, so I should be ready to start selecting and scanning in pictures […]

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