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Getting lost with Courtney

So I managed to drag Courtney to the top of Enchanted Rock. A thick fog had set in over hill country which made for some interesting scenery on the rock. On the way down, I didn’t curve around enough and got us going down the wrong side of the rock. We wound up going down a steep, slippery, and rocky slope. There was another couple at the top that decided to follow us down. HEH! It was getting dark too, I was the only one with a flashlight. Eventually we manipulated through nice leg-breaking holes and poison ivy to reach a creekbed that I knew led to the trail. The other girl was on her way to broken, she sounded like she was crying half the way down and kept falling down. We finally made it back to the cars, the other couple parted with a quiet “thanks”.

It is raining hard here, the most intense storm I’ve experienced since living here. There was a tornado warning for Hays county down to the southwest, but it looks like that’s expired now.

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