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Mac hates me

I have some sort of cancer infecting my Apples that’s making me nervous. I think the battle of PowerPC vs Intel is happening on my kitchen counter. I reinstalled everything on my IBP. Now I’m having some sort of occasional spontaneous reboot problem that happens regardless of what I’m doing.

On a whim, I stuck a 10.2.3 CD into my old PowerBook and tried a full install on the hard disk that I had previously declared dead and busted. Lo and behold it detects it and OS X installs on it completely. I’m convinced there’s still a problem with it, it’s still hit or miss on whether or not it boots properly. I tried to hook my external firewire drive back up to boot the PB with it, the system wouldn’t mount or boot from it.

Fearing the worst of losing both my firewire drive and possibly my IBP data again if a spontaneous reboot hoses the filesystem, I scrambled to burn CDs and copying things over to my PC. After I got that done, I hooked up the firewire drive to the IBP and it mounted there fine. I don’t know what’s going on with that on the PB, but I’m glad the data is still there.

Swapping back and forth between the Powerbook and the IntelBook, the displays are obviously different. The IBP screen is brighter even at 3/4 maximum brightness level and clearer compared to the Powerbook. The Powerbook screen looks like it’s coated in a thick layer of dust.

I need spend the $30 and buy a gigabit NIC for my PC. 100M ethernet is so totally 1999.

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