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Speaking of MySpace being profitable, here’s an article talking about it turning into a profit center.

Of particular interest to me is this line, “After the Internet bubble burst, he even built a site that let people download computer cursors in the form of waving flags; the trick was that they also downloaded software that would monitor their Internet movements and show them pop-up ads.” So he’s the pigfucker that came up with that shit that made tech support a little more hellish. (read: “where are all these popups coming from! your internet sucks!”).

P.S. myspace users, prepare to be fleeced, they’ve got to make at least $650 million dollars off of you to break even. Maybe not entirely out of the question if they have 70 million “users” and expect $200 million in revenue this year. Now if only they can keep the cops from arresting the myspace users…

Yes, it’s almost 2 AM and I’m still up. I’m a bit wired from the Mt Dew; it’s quite soothing to the sore throat. And yes, I do have a particular obsession with knocking myspace here lately. Hrm, if I read the stories from The Register and News.com this morning, I won’t have them to read during the day! It’s like having a Dilbert desk calendar. If you read tomorrow’s comic today, then what are you going to have to get you through tomorrow!

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