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Nintendo Wii

So much Zelda. I stood in line Sunday morning at Target to buy a Wii. They had 68 units, at 7:30 AM there were about 35 people in line. I finally gots me one! I also bought Elebits and Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (she gets around) while I was there. Every waking hour not at work has been playing. Sunday afternoon was a Wii and fried chicken router maintenance party at a colleague’s house. Much Wii Sports was played. Along with many “Damn the white devils” lines from Burton, my favorite quote was:

<burton> ha ha what kind of fat nerd do you have to be to actually get an injury from Wii?
1 hour later…
<burton> ow, I think I hurt my elbow with that weird backhand

The last Zelda I played was Link to the Past on SNES; I’m missing the experience of several games, but I’m really liking this one and don’t know if it can be topped. The graphics are awesome, I did the Tron-like effects of the twilight. It’s quite interactive, the gameplay is good, but gets confusing when there’s a lot of action at once. I’m fighting off some hawk and this housecat runs up to me wanting to talk, wtf? What’s up with Illa, she’s totally into Link and he ignores her. This is by far the darkest game I’ve ever played, not only visually and in storyline, they’ve definately got the creepy shadow music very well. It makes me wonder if this is what hell is like, if we’re suddenly turned to spirits damned to all eternity being haunted by black shadow monsters.

I also bought a Nintendo DS Lite. I decided I am not going to be on another 5+ hour plane flight without some sort of entertainment to keep me sane. For that I purchased Final Fantasy III and VI. I hear FF VI is the greatest FF ever, so I’m trying to validate that claim.

I’m now shopping for a new HD TV. Playing Wii is just not the same coming from a 65″ to a 21″. I’ve settled on a 57″ DLP, I’m told the Mitsubishi Diamond WD-57831 is the one I want to keep for all eternity. That puts me saving for another month or two, but it should be really sweet. The Mitsubishi and JVC I’ve looked at are amazingly crisp and don’t have any annoying glare.

I’m annoyed with television journalism again. Anna Nichole Smith died. She’s fucking dead. Get over it. I understand the whole story of her life thing, but I don’t know why we put her on such a high pedestal and cover it like Princess Di died. I’m annoyed in general that the US population cares so much about the personal lives of celebrities and actors. What has Smith done for us to garner so much attention other than provide countless hours of drama, much like any show on MTV these days? Today on CNN, “contents of Anna Nichole’s refrigerator”. Wha? We’re trying to figure out if Iran is supplying weapons to Iraqi insurgents and we’re worred that her fridge had Methadone in it?

God help us all if Paris, Britney, or Lohan ever die. They’re in the media so much, it’s going to be a national week of mourning.

Tomorrow I’m off to Virginia again.

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